About Us

Since the inception of K-F Group, Inc. in 1997, we have successfully designed and completed numerous projects within the State of Florida. Projects range in sizes from a few thousand acres floodplain analysis, to much smaller scale projects such as intersection improvements. We specialize in Highway Design, Floodplain Analysis, Drainage Improvements, Bridge hydraulics and Scour Analysis, Permitting, and Roadway Rehabilitation projects. Our clienteles include the Florida Department of Transportation, Palm Beach County, Local Municipalities, School District, and private developers. Our staffs are well trained in the latest technology and software. They are kept well abreast with the latest technology trend through attending regular seminars and taking professional courses. Some of the computer software used on most of our daily works includes the following:
  1. Microstation V-8XM (migrating to V-8i)
  2. Geopak (Highway Design Tools)
  3. Microstation Descartes (for aerial images)
  4. Autoturn (Simulate Vehicle Movement)
  5. ICPR (Storm Water Modeling System)
  6. ASAD (Storm Sewer Design and Analysis)
  7. HECRAS (Open Channel Flow Analysis, replaces WSPRO)
  8. HEC-18 (Scour Analysis)